Buffet Catering in Singapore

When hosting large corporate parties or even small family gatherings, what would be the biggest worry on the host’s mind?




Buffet catering is the answer to that problem, its versatility allows for a variety of foods to suit the numerous palates on the guest-lists. With all those options available, guests will be able to graze throughout the event, sparking warm conversation and having a wonderful time.


Foodtalks is a buffet catering company in Singapore that strives its best to meet all the criterias left out by its clients. You can also be sure that we do not compromise on the taste as we still insist on food cooked by woks, pots, and pans instead of being processed by machines.


Firstly, it is a halal buffet catering company, which ticks the first box of requirements.


If you are looking for a regular buffet for just a small to medium gathering, Foodtalks offers mini buffets (min.15 pax), and standard buffets (min. 30 pax) with even a premium option (min. 30 pax) if you want to splurge for a ‘special’ dish of your choice. For the mini buffet option, you do not worry about there being less of a variety as Foodtalks still offers almost the same number of dishes for mini and standard buffet options.


If wedding bells are ringing, fret not! Foodtalks also offers Wedding buffet catering services, offering two different menus, taking you around the world with your tastebuds. We also takeaway the stress of decorating the buffet line as Foodtalks does it for you, making sure to keep it within them so that you receive the dream wedding you deserve.


Foodtaks even cares about your health by offering two separate menus (minimum 30 pax), for you to take your pick of, that have been approved by the Health Promotion Board. This includes skinless chicken, all rice options being at least 50% whole grain, and reduced coconut milk for certain foods. So, you can enjoy all your favourite foods in peace.


Being a vegetarian in a buffet line can be tough, with only 1-2 options aligning with your dietary requirement and even then might not be as flavourful. Foodtalks takes care of that by offering both mini and standard buffet options for an entirely vegetarian line-up, and we can assure you that no taste was spared when making these dishes. 


Worrying about feeding guests at baby shower is something a mother-to-be/new mother does not need to be doing! That is why Foodtalks has crafted a Baby Shower menu (min 30pax), so that she can relax, including perfect additions such as red eggs and ang ku kueh to welcome the new addition to the family.


Not all gatherings need to be around big meals, sometimes just a party around a spot of tea is enough. For those early afternoon munchies, Foodtalks has crafted a mini (min 20 pax) and standard (min 30 pax) High Tea buffet menu that is littered with finger foods to sate your hunger, but not leave you stuff for the entire day. Take your pick from our collection of sandwiches, puffs, and more!


So, if you are looking for a buffet catering service to feed your guests, or want to discuss custom options to make your event just stand out a little bit more, please contact us at Foodtalks and we will do our best to help you!.