Halal Catering in Singapore

Looking for catering services for your events? You can check out Foodtalks
Singapore for halal catering options. Established in 2004, Foodtalks Singapore is a
halal caterer that caters for buffets, bentos, and packet meals. As one of the leading
event food caterers in Singapore, we believe in providing the best quality halal food
catering by preparing food using woks, pots, and pans instead of using machines to
cook the food. We are able to cater for any events or special occasions, weddings,
high teas, corporate events, and many more!
Signature Halal Dishes
At Foodtalks, we have several signature dishes that would suit the taste buds of most
people. Our spicy assam fish has won the hearts of many customers with our specially
formulated assam sauce rich in spices. Our sesame baked honey chicken is made
with boneless chicken chop, marinated and glazed with our special sauce. It looks
simple but this dish has multiple health benefits! Using our Singapore signature dish,
we have our all time favourite, fried bean curd with “chilli crab” sauce. It is a simple yet
delicious dish! Next, we have the Foodtalks Laksa that is made with our head chef’s
homemade laksa gravy formula to produce a rich aroma, making the laksa taste
smooth and flavorful, yet not too spicy. The blackpepper beef with capsicum is well-
seasoned to suit the taste of all. The capsicum adds a crunchy texture to the dish,
heightening the taste of the dish!
Buffet Catering
Foodtalks caters to all formal and social occasions. We have options such as buffet
catering, bento catering, vegetarian catering, high tea catering, baby shower catering,
wedding catering, and seminar catering. If you do not see anything you like, we have
a customisation option available as well! For buffet catering, we allow a choice of up
to 9 dishes and there are 3 buffet options for different group sizes. It is suitable if you
are hosting a large-scale party or event. Other than the normal buffets, we have HPB-
approved buffets, vegetarian buffets, and buffets specially for weddings as well.
Wedding buffets are slightly more special as you will have a choice of 16 dishes
prepared for the buffet. For some light snacks, we have high tea buffets to serve
some light refreshments during events.
Bento Catering
The bento catering is good for camps, team-building events, or corporate events.
Packed in a microwavable compartment box, we have 5 different bento options to
choose from, allowing up to 6 dishes in the bento. Same as buffet catering, we have a
large selection of bento options. We have bento catering for high tea and weddings
as well, providing more variety for you to choose from. Most bentos allow for

customisation of what dishes to be included in, excluding the premium bentos. The
menu for the wedding bentos are fixed, however additional menu can be provided as
per request.
Baby Shower
At Foodtalks, we provide halal food catering for baby showers as well. As part of the
package, we provide baby shower staples such as savoury mushroom glutinous rice,
red eggs in basket, and ang ku kueh. This is followed by a full course meal for the
guests, allowing all the guests to enjoy their meal while attending the baby shower.
The baby shower catering will also include a Baby Shower Thematic Set Up to go
along with the baby shower celebration.
With so many catering options to choose from, Foodtalks Singapore is definitely one
of the top halal food catering companies for you to get your food catering. Check out
https://www.foodtalks.com.sg/menu/ for more details regarding the food catering
options we provide!